Thursday, February 10, 2011

first blog post

So today was a good day!! I just have to say I love love my life and family and oh did I mention I am blessed beyond blessed I should say! SO my kids were playing in the snow today and Baylee came in and said mommy Hayden peed his pants so I went to evaluate the situation and it turns out that he didn't pee his pants he pissed on the garage floor! So I asked him about it and the little fart lied to me about it! BTW I would have been fine if he had told me the truth just would have told him that was not ok! But since he told me that it was snow I told him to stick his finger in it and lick his finger so needless to say he started balling and never came clean about lying to me...So he had to come in and had early bedtime!! Just the joys of parenthood!!