Saturday, April 23, 2011

My sweetly rotton Kayde

Hope everyones life is full of joy and happiness, I know I see how God works every day when I see my babies! They can be oh so rotton but the big sweet hearts they have are so awesome!! So my sweet baby turned yes 2! OMG! I am so not ready for them to grow oh so big.....So here are some pics from the celebration of my sweet little mans bday!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Been crazy

I am so not sure who all follows this blog and I have def slacked on posting!! ;) James lost his job about a month ago but def could be a blessing in disguise he is starting his own pest control business so we are so nervous and excited about it!!! The kids are growing like weeds, Hayden turned 4 in feburary and Kayde is turning 2 this month wow!! So the main reason for this post is prayers, prayers in our business adventure but prayers for me the devil is full strength in my life right now and I dont have the strength to defeat his attacks so all I can think of is to ask for prayers because prayers work wonders and I want to defeat this battle and become the strong christian woman that I so desire!! Thank you!!!