Sunday, July 3, 2011


So sorry that I havent posted for those whom read and care..... It has been so crazy around here Hayden my middle child got admitted to the hospital and had an emergent tonselectomy and adoinectomy due to a large abcess so we stayed there for 3 days... Then we visted the urgent care 2 weeks later with him to get staples in his head he had fallen and hit his head on the front porch....Then I had a hysterectomy only stayed overnight at the hospital and am still recouping and hope to return back to work this week...Oh and as if Hayden hadn't had enough last Sunday after church he threw a big fit and was going to room and trew a even bigger fit so I spanked him and when I turned him around to talk to him about his actions his lip was bleeding the dang kid bit threw his bottom lip so a trip to the er a stitch and some glue we are good to go...We are still attempting James's pest control bussiness in hopes that this is what God wants him too like any new biz it is tough to get going so please pray for our family as we have endured some trials over the last year...GOD is so good....Hope everyones summer is going good...